Coding in the middle

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I opened a word press blog months ago and did nothing with it. I couldn’t decide, did I want a personal blog? Did I want a career blog? And if I did a career blog in my field, surgical medical coding, what would I focus on and how could I do it so it was a stress reliever and not an overwhelming mental experience since my field can be so broad. I work for a hospital system and I code medical surgeries from multiple discipline’s and hospital observation visits . And if I do a career blog, how can I silence the voice in my head that shouts , ” whoa, who do you think you are to write on this topic ? You are no auditor and you are no consultant and you are not even planning on writing on the topic of passing coding exams so what would be the point ?”. I had no good rebuttal to these zingers.

So, I did nothing and just left the blog unwritten till now. I waited for clarity. I waited for courage. I waited till I figured, what’s the point in waiting- I”ll just do it like I’ve done most things in my life. I’ll do it and find clarity in the doing.

Waiting for clarity is like being a sculptor staring at a piece of marble, waiting for the statue within to cast off the unneeded pieces. Do not wait for clarity to spontaneously materialize- grab a chisel and get busy!

Steve Pavlina

Once I began writing, I decided to find an image for this first post. I was drawn to the photo above. She remind’s me of the work version of myself. Except my hair is usually more messy, my face is more scrunched and if its close to the last half hour of my shift, I”m in full internal angst mode -hoping and praying I will make my chart number quota for the day and my productivity report will be favorable for the week. But other than those exceptions, the concentration, the double screens, the contemplative pose- that fits the visual for my job, medical coding very well.

While, I can’t tell the age of the woman in the photo, if it was me, it would be 2 years short of 50, middle aged. Along with being physically middle aged, I’m also medically coding in the middle. Since I feel, writing is at its best when its focused on what you have personally experienced, I want to focus this blog on medical coding in the middle. The time when you have already passed all your credential exams and you have managed to get the first job and are now in the middle. The period when you ask yourself, how do I keep it interesting? How do I continue to advance and learn? How do I handle the productivity, quality and accuracy requirements? How do I not let that audit get in my head and cause me to lose confidence in my ability as I go forward? Those are good topics for me to begin my blog with.

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